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You may start out with only a few foot soldiers, but before long you will have amassed an epic army of heavy cavalry, sorcerers, and more, ready at your command. Train units and keep them fed and paid to see their power grow and become truly unconquerable.
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Units can be moved around the battlefield and will fight enemy units. If they fall in battle they will resurrect at your Fortress after 60 seconds.[1]

Training units[edit | edit source]

Units are found in the Train Units menu ('Train')

Veterancy[edit | edit source]

Reaching veterancy allows units to use skills and get stronger. Regular units only have one level of veterancy, where heroes have five.[2]

Each level increases the health and damage caused. In addition, the first level unlocks a unique ability which can be activated and becomes more powerful with every level.[3]

Loss of command[edit | edit source]

Main page: Command.

If you are losing Command, it means you are losing control over your base and army.

List of units[edit | edit source]

Base Units

Veteran Archer
Veteran Heavy Archer
Veteran Heavy Cavalry
Veteran Light Cavalry
Veteran Javalin
Veteran Pikeman
Veteran Priest
Veteran Swordsmen

Special Units

Notes[edit | edit source]

  • Most players from playtesting tend to field around 40-50 units, not counting static defenses. Enemies can be in the 100s.[4]
  • There is lite target priority picking, but player control is always the better option.[4]
  • There is no concept of missing in the combat system except for position targeted weapons (such as catapults) which can be dodged.[4]

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